RACE THE POWER OF ILLUSION – The House that Race Built (6:04) 

  Wealth Accumulation and Race


Dr. Mindy Fullilove

What Is Redlining?

The Red Line Paradigm

Redlining Is a Paradigm For How To Use The Land

Jim Crow Is Meant To Be Separate And Unequal

Redlining Is An Inherently Dynamic System

 Redlining and Violence As Social Control

The Challenge Is To Make A New Map

Undesign The Line – Find The Elephants

Bridgett Davis

Growing Up In Detroit And White Flight

My Mother Bought a House in Detroit on Contract Loan

Moving To Bedford Stuyvesant

How Do You See the Red Line In The Landscape Today?

How Do We Intervene To Undesign The Red Line?


Bedford Stuyvesant In The 60’s And Red Line Maps

Affects Of Redlining


Getting A Mortgage In Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

The Clinton Hill Brownstone Crowd