The Archive – Stuyvesant Town/14th St (LES)

“Whiteness is a moral choice.”    James Baldwin

For Art in Odd Places Festival 2016: RACE , I explored some of this complex history and the action of a small group of tenants to integrate the development with a few of it’s past and current residents. Excerpts of interviews and images they contributed to The Red Line Archive are on display in  October 6-9,  2016  from 2-4 pm on 14th Street from First Avenue to Avenue C on the north and south side of the street, particularly in front of vacant lots between Avenues B and C.

(Thank you to Amy and Liz Fox who so generously provided images and documents for this section of the archive)

Archive Contents


01. Stuyvesant Town

Negroes and whites don’t mix. Perhaps they will in a hundred years, but not now. If we brought them into this development, it would be to the detriment of the city, too, because it would depress all the surrounding property.                     Frederick H. Ecker, President, Metropolitan […]


02. Liz Fox

Desegregating the “Walled Town” Liz Fox (born Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Leo and Diana Miller) was three and a half years old when her family moved to Stuyvesant Town. She lived there all her life until she married Sid Fox when she was 26 years old.  During an interview, she recounted her parents experience in […]


03. Barbara Volchok Zapson

I moved to Manhattan when I was 12 years old and at the time I was one of three teenagers in Stuyvesant Town. There were a few Latino girls but there were no blacks. The South side of Stuyvesant was much less affluent. Not that the people in Stuyvesant Town were rich, but the people […]


04. Frank Morales

My dad is Puerto Rican my mom Italian/Peruvian. When I was a kid, I lived on 12th St. and Avenue D in the Jacob Reiss project building. We would cross over 14th St and go into Stuyvesant Town. And I remember for me it was kind of an emergent class-consciousness experience. The lawns were so […]

Me and Donna Summer

05. Robert Perlman

Robert Perlman   I’ve lived in Stuy Town all my life. I’m 48. I remember when the first black person moved into my building. I can’t remember the exact date but it was my first realization “ Oh this is a new thing”. I think it was the early ‘80’s. But I had lived there […]